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Specialised on Data Recovery and Repair in case of damage at HDD, RAID and NAS

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datarecovery hard disc drive / hdd

Data-Recovery in Class-100 Laboratory

25 Years of Engineering-Experience speaks for itself

Repair and data recovery of damaged hard disc drives / hdd

Cost free analysis and other attractive offers like data recovery of broken hard disc drives for a fixed price.

Data Recovery and repair of SSD

Data Recovery and repair of Solid State Disk / SSD

Data Recovery of broken / damaged SSD

Repair and reconstruktion in case of damaged SSD

If your SSD is not recognized or damaged our specialist will support you in data retrieval.

Datarecovery of raid and nas systems

Data-Recovery of RAID and NAS - Systems

Recovery of all RAID- and JBOD-Level

Data Recovery in case of failed RAID / NAS Systems

Critical Business data will be recovered quickly and just-in-time after damages or failure at RAID / NAS Systems.

Data Reovery of USB Sticks

Data Recovery of USB Stick / Flash Card / SD-Card

NAND-Flash Repair - Data Recovery & Reconstruction

Recovery and repair after damage to Pen-Drive or Flash Card

Your Pen-Drive or SD-Card is not recognized anymore ? Data Recovery of broken / damaged sticks and SD-Cards.


KUERT Datenrettung bei n-TV Ratgeber HighTech

KUERT Data Recovery at n-tv advisor HighTech

German TV-Station n-TV about our daily works in data reconstruction and the repair of damaged and broken hard disc drives.

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