Data Recovery of Apple Macintosh Products

Data reconstruction of HFS, HFS+, iMac, PowerMac, Macbook, iPAD & iPhone

Apple Macintosh delivered lots of innovating and attractive IT-products due the past years. In the business segment of services for the data recovery of Apple products we do offer different kinds of fix price offers. Like for every kind of hard disc drive out of any Apple/ Macintosh PC or iMac, PowerMac, the MacBook Pro or any kind of Apple iPad.

Data Recovery Belgium recovers all kind of data loss connected to MAC file systems like, HFS, HFS+, HFSX & HFS Wrapper.

Regarding data loss scenarios, there is no major difference inbetween Computers running a MacOs or and Windows-OS, despite the fact that they are using different sort of file systems. So, also in case of apple products it damages are diversificated into:  

Data Recovery and retrieval of broken MacBook / MacOs

Logical Damages at iOS / MacOs ( Data Retrieval ):

  • Accidently deleted or formatted partitions, files, folders or volumes
  • Viruses and trojans
  • Failures and boot partition or deletion of system critical OS-based components or files


Physical Damages to hard disc drive in Apple Mac ( Clean room data recovery ):

  • Electrical damages caused by over-voltages, Thunderstorms, etc.
  • Damages caused by water / humidity
  • Damages caused by fire / burning
  • Falling damages ( clicking noise of hdd )
  • Damages caused by mechanical wearing


iPhone data recovery and data retrieval
Apple iPhone Data recovery and retrieval

Data Recovery Belgium also recovers data of damaged Apple iPhone 3 / 3Gs and iPhone 4/4s. Offering services for data retrieval of damaged or broken iPhones is a more younger segment of our data recovery services. Independently the recovery of broken iPhones is based on the scenario of damages which affected the phone itself. Because of this fact it is not possible for us offering the analysis for iPhone data recovery for free. In order to give you an exact price regarding the costs for the data recovery of broken iPhones, we have to make an indepth analyses first. This analysis is offered for 107,- EUR incl. Tax and is valid for every kind of smartphone or tablet. 

The costs for the data recovery of an damaged iPhone 3 / 3GS / 4 or 4S are based on the necessary working time to be invested for the recovery. Overall the prices are under 500,- EUR (incl. tax). The recovered data can be sent to you by DVD, a hard disc drive or by USB Stick / Pen Drive, but can be also copied to an new iPhone or smartphone if it is supported and delivered by the client. In general all kind of target devices can be supported by the client itself or can be bought from us directly.

The special thing at iPhones and data loss scenarios is more or less a paradox. If data is beeing accidently deleted or if the device has been set back to original manufacturer settting on such sort of phones, the old data which is lost will be lost and can not be retrieved in most of the cases. But in cases where the iPhone got a serious physical damage, regardless if this damage has been caused by falling, broken glass or water damages, a successful data recovery operation is possible.

Modern smartphones are stable but they are not build to last and every user should be aware of it. So generating frequently backups is mandatory. This can be done via iTunes, Synchronisation or by storeing your data into the iCloud. The biggest problem with iPhones is the bad connectivity as you wont find ans additional slots for implementing a flash card or other storage devices.

Regardless if a smartphone is using iOs or Android OS, by reading out the NAND-Chip Flash memory which carrys the data, you will learn that the data is beeing stored encrypted right in the NAND. Usually this kind of encryption is proritary and hard to decrypt.

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