Big Data analysis and normalization of data logs in real time

In countless of businesses the evaluation of generated data is one of the key factors in gaining advantages in national and international competition. Besides servers, time tracking and many other different sorts of business applications there is a strong growing number of machine generated unstructured data logs, taking more and more data capacity over time.
Continous growth of own data assets, driven by data logs or databases, is a challenge to most of the companies. Data is not only tending to be more complex, it also takes more and more time for analysing this kind of data. As a result, traditional methods in order to evaluate data logs do fail, because of existing tools for analysis are not able to handle the amount of data and even if, usually the CPU Capacity for is too low and the calculation time takes days or even weeks.

Growing success rates and growth of companies is in correlation to a growing amount of data volume. In case of machine generated data and unstructured log protocols it means one of the core reasons, why companies do collect data and protocol them, while beeing unable accessing possibilities evaluating them. Because of the simple fact that traditional methods do fail in in the ability processing them.

LogDrill has been developed to solve this issue. LogDrill helps companies and organizations in:

Analysing and evaluating machine generated and unstructured data logs to solve :

  • Analysis of events in archived logs and protocols:

    • IT-Forensic / Securing digital evicences
    • Evaluating attacked IT-Systems
    • Evaluating all kinds of data sets
  • Prognosis, by use of real time data logs:

    • To avoid any kind of problems in working process before they do appear
  • Early recognition  of abuse and fraud by use of archived and real time data logs

Screenshot des LogDrill Dashboards

LogDrill is a tool for analysis and evaluation of event-logs and protocols specialised on Big Data real time analysis and be used for process monitoring of it systems. Within seconds LogDrill changes unstructured data sets in structured and readable data sets by its build in normalization engine, analyse them based on the user settings and context and generates a report based on the demanded queries.

A log software for analysis like LogDrill give IT-Administrators the chance keeping up their IT-based business process at the upper limit of uptime possible. LogDrill also supports IT-Divisions in recognizing potential issues with systems before they do take any effects, it can be used for measuring the IT-Performance, the IT-ROI and it improves the effitiency of internal IT-Services. LogDrill supports eary recognition of malware and programs which came into the company "under the radar" and helps Administrators in early recognition of IT-Attacks from inside their own IT-Structure.

LogDrill - Einsatzbeispiele für die Big Data Analyse unstrukturierter Daten

Who do companies profit from LogDrill and Big-Data ?

  • Management for early recognition of IT-Fraud and IT-Abuse
  • Additional Support in IT-Maintenance
  • Improvement / Optimization of IT-Process
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • IT Forensic Log-Analysis

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