PetaPylon - Big Data Warehouse Applikation

Many businesses do face a big data problem without beeing aware of it. Other companies may have this topic on their agenda and are working on plans and solutions, however similar problems may can appear.

Symptoms / Disadvantages of Big Data in use of daily business:

  • Slow queries
  • Too less storage capacity
  • Slow Mail- and Webservers
  • Frequent outsourcing of files / swap-files / Archivement of data contents
  • Needs frequent cleaning of data fragments and temporary files

If thease symptoms do sound familar to you, it can be caused by a high volume of data or beeing caused by the big data application already in use.

The amount of data is growing exponential to the cpu processing speeds of computers and servers. The really interesting thing is that the access rate to data has not been highered in any way. This causes a paradigm shift then it comes to management of big data projects, away from centralised to decentralised storage of data.


More and more companies do recognize that it is impossible analysing and putting into relationship all of their entire data volume. The experts of KUERT have developed PetaPylon Big Data Warehouse,  an innovative Big Data Application, giving the user a great tool for the management of big data into his hands.

PetaPylon is an application for collecting data, storing and analysis focused at big data operations. PetaPylon is pointing to the needs of analysis in for Big Data Warehouse and Big Log Management Systems.

Funktionsweise der Big Data Echtzeit Analyse und Daten-Normalisierung mit PetaPylon

PetaPylon BigData Warehouse is an Hadoop based end to end solution and is offering a scalable and cost effitient in house solution for big data management.  Many Data Warehouse applications do operate very slow when it comes to loading of data, in a worst case it can take days or even weeks unless all the data is analysed and processed.PetaPylons ETL Engine gives the user the ability to get all the actual data within seconds and it is offering an SQL-connector wich makes PetaPylon compatible to a wide range of the Business Intelligence Lösungen in the market.

The PetaPylon Big Log Management System is based on the PetaPylon BigData Warehouse-Application and is offering extended possibilities in analysis for Analysemöglichkeiten zur full-scale analysis of log-protocols, from data collection to data normalization upto storage.

Advantages of PetaPylon Big Data Warehouse:

  • Distributed high-dynamic processing offers fast availabilities in analysis and reports
  • Handover of normalized / anonymized unstructured data via ETL-Engine
  • Flexibla and scalabe use for Big Data Analysis
  • Compatibel with a wide range of Business Intelligence Tools offering SQL-connection
  • Inexpensive – because there is no need investing in additional hardware
  • Failsafe

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