Data deletion LUN / Logical volume

Tabernus Enterprise Erase LUN enables system administrators and internet service providers the performing of secure data deletion on individual and logical volumes (LUN) which are operating in aktive storage environments.

The targeted logical volumes can be deleted remotely in a most secure way, as soon as they do appear in the Tabernus Enterprise Erase LUN application and its respective server. The storage of the deletion certificates and the reporting of every single deletion process can be performed in a centralised databased.


Collects hard disc drive informations like:

  • Capacity
  • HDD-Manufacturer
  • Model-No. of hard disc drive
  • Serial-No. of hard disc drive

Supports the following deletion algorithms:

  • Data Deletion via single overwrites
  • 3x data deletion incl. verification (DOD5220M / CESG HMG)
  • 7x data deletion incl. verifikation (DOD5220M)
  • Secure data deletion based on NIST 800-88 Specifikation

Supports all kinds of hard disc drive connectors (SCSI, SAS, SATA, IDE, FC, SSD)
Enterprise Erase LUN - Datenlöschung von logischen Laufwerken

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