Successful data deletion of Solid State Disc / SSD

Tabernus Enterprise Erase products do enable the user to delete and erase data which is stored on SCSI, FC, SAS, IDE, SATA, FireWire connect and USB in a most secure and convinient way. Independent studies with use of ADISA SSD Technology confirm the security and high grade of deletion when it comes to unreconstructable deletion of solid state discs / SSD.


  • Complete deletion of all kind of Solid-State Disc / SSD
  • SSD’s are beeing recognized by the deletion software in a most easy and immidiate way
  • Compatible with US NIST 800-88 policy for the secure and reconstruction resistant data deletion of SSD, incl. NIST Clear and NIST Purge
  • Cryptographic data deletion
  • Secure Rewrites in 3:1 ratio (Simple Deletion = 3 overwrites, 3x deletion = 9x overwrites)
  • SSD Technology supported by all Tabernus Enterprise Erase products LAN, WAN, USB, ARRAY and many more
  • In Certificate - Recognized and deleted SSD do get a special flag, to easily recognice SSD among conventional hdds within the deletion report
  • Automatic configuration

Create your own certificates and deletion reports compatible to R2, NAID, ADISA and E-Steward Audit- and Evaluation-Standards.

Data Deletion of Solid State Disc / SSD

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