Secure data deletion of Smartphone / Mobile and Tablet

KUERT is offering its services for secure data erasure of smartphones / mobiles to all kind of businesses and enterprises. Out solution supports simultanous deletion of upto 48 smartphones and mobiles. By this smartphones can even be mixed during the process of deletion and this ensures that iOS and also Android Smartphones can be erased in a most secure way, without any influence of the necessary time needed for the complete deletion process of all devices.

The application is working as a server environment, so already deleted devices can be exchanged with new devices while the deletion process at some devices is still running. Compared to a batch based process, this procedure grants a faster data deletion process of smartphones and tablets.

The solutions offers full logging and reporting functionality based on web reports. This grants an auditable report of every deletion time ( data / time) and also the serial number or IMEI of every deleted device will be covered within erasure certificate.

Certified data erasure of iPhone / Android Smartphone and Tablet by KUERT Data Recovery Belgium

  • Data Erasure
    Smartphone / Tablet
  • 8,- EUR*

*Price without VAT. Shipping costs back to client 10,- EUR.



Advantages of our data erasure solution and service:

  • Supports the most common smartphone OS: Android und iOS
  • Extends existing process for delivery status and re-flashing options
  • Effitiant and full automatic data deletion functions at minimal time / device
  • User friendly and intuitve GUI
  • Automatic generation of data deletion reports
  • Full Audit – Conform to internal / external Audit Compliance
  • Option for using own hardware in combination with data deletion software

Smartphone / Tablet  - Support:

  • All Android-Devices starting from V. 1.6 or higher
  • All available iOS Smartphones, iPod, iPad devices
  • Availabel from 2015 – Support of Blackberry and Windows Mobile Phone

Simultanous deletion

  • 15 iOS Dev. simultanously or
  • upto 48 Android devices at once

System recommendations

  • PC or Notebook
    • 64-bit Intel i5 or AMD Quad core PC or Notebook
    • No OS needed, EE Mobile integrates own bootable Linux-based OS
    • min. 4GB RAM , min 40GB HDD
  • Optional Equipment
    • Internet Connection (For iOS Devices)
    • USB Hub
    • USB cable for connecting smartphones

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Questions to data recvoery ?
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