Delete data in Wide Area Networks ( WAN )

Tabernus Enterprise Erase WAN (Wide Area Network) is a programm, which deletes data inside the wide area network of corporates and institutions.

Tabernus EE WAN is very easy to install at any host system inside of an corporate. Once installed, the software enables the administrator or IT-Security specialist to delete data in a remotly way over the wide area network of the corporation, just from one central point. Aditionally the generated reports regarding every single deletion can be stored and managed on a centralised host. A flexible implementation process and a permanent support, turns Tabernus Enterprice Erase WAN into an ideal solution for secure deletion within a corporates network, even if if the netzworks are decentralised.

Enterprise Erase WAN saves precious time and supports the asses manager in keeping up a gapless dokumentation for all kind of deletions, right bevor older IT-Systems are returned as part of a leasing contract.


  • Data Deletion of Server, PC and Notebooks Laptops via internal or external networks / WAN
  • Implementation of DoD or NIST specificated data deletions
  • Initialisations of deletion orders locally or via an network ( remote )
  • Generation of certificates per deletion for systems and hard disc drives
  • Centralised storage and management of single certificates of deletion

Datenlöschung im WAN

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