Data Recovery in case of damaged SD Card / Flash Card

Repair of broken or damaged Flash Card / SD Card

Another department within our services is the data recovery of broken or damaged flash cards. Digital images or digital informations are some kind of daily routine in different kind of jobs. Engineers / Architects, Journalists or policemen do generate images as part of their jobs. In case of physical damages to a memory or sd storage our experts can help you to retrieve and recover your lost photos or videos. Physical damages to flashcards do appear much more often than you might think. The most common cause for phyisical damages is a broken Micro-Controller. This element is very sensible then it comes to overvoltages or shortages inside of it. Usually this is caused by a wrong behaviour then, e.g. if you don´t dismount the card correctly, because you immediatly take it directly instead of dismounting it from the operating system first. Folded cards or problems with the contact layers are also causes for physical problems which can affect the functionality.

Besides physical problems, there are also logical problems which can affect the file system stored on the memory or CF- card itself. Usually logical problems are caused by:

  • Accidential deletion of photos or files / folders / partitions
  • Accidential formatting

A classical example for logical deletion is the formatting of the flash storage while it resists inside of a digital camera. In this case it is important to know that not every digital camera is using the same algorithm in order to perform a formatting. Some camera models do use a special Bit-Pattern while the formating is beeing performed. In this case, every storage cell will be overwritten, making any attempt for retrieval impossible. That´s one of the points why we do always recommend, not to format any memory or SD storage device while it is beeing used inside of your digital camera.

KUERT Belgium helps you out in any kind of data loss. Even in complicated cases, we do extract the NAND-Flash Chips from the card in order to read out the cells of every single chip of the card. Because of the fact that there are many differencies, regarding the different PCB layouts, it is impossible for us to offer our services on broken or damaged cards for a fixed price.

Prices for data recovery anlysis of flash and SD Cards (incl. VAT.):



( 1-2 Working Days)


( 3 Working Days)


( 6 Working Days)

Flash / SD Card 72,- EUR* 48,- EUR* 24,- EUR*

Prices for repair:

Logical Damages: from 120 - 400 € (incl. VAT.)

Physical Damages: from 200 - 800 € (incl. VAT.) - (in case of monolith-technology upto 1.500,- €)

Price ranges given are depending from the capacity of the flash medium and the kind of damage the storage device is showing, further it is depending from the kind of technology which is used inside of the card ( Monolith Technology ). In case of SD-Cards with Monolith-Technology the working time necessary to retrieve the data is much more higher. Before we do start to recover, you will receive a detailed proposal, informing you about the exact costs.

SD-Card and Monolith-Technology:

Monolith Technology is a term which discribes the integration of all elementary components of a flash card in one single block. In this case the controller and the flash chip itself are integrated together in this kind of block / chip. In case of older nandflash cards, thease elements were organized separately. Due to the fact that manufacturers tried to reduce the physical size, they decided to integrate as much technology into a single chip as possible. Monolith-Technology has the consequence, that the effort and the time, which needs to be invested in order to recover the data, is much more higher. Thats the reason why the costs for recovery are higher.

Damages of Flash Cards can be seperated into two categories:

1. Logical Damages

Describes all kind of damages which do harm the data, but not the functionality of the card itself. In this way the card is still beeing recogniced by your PC or notebook, but the access to the data or to the data structure is not possible. Physically the card is operating, but logically it is damaged.

2. Physical Damages

Describes all kind of hardware damages a flash card can face. E.g. damaged chips, damaged micro controller or damages caused by voltage problems to the card, like overvoltages. Also in case of folded or broken cards, Data Recovery Belgium is able to recover your data as long as the NAND-Flash Chips inside of the card are intact. If it has been folded in a way that also the chip itself got damaged, regardles how small this kind of physical damage to the chip is, data recovery will not be possible.

Regardless, this happens quiet seldom. More often cards are folded or broken at the connectors, in thease kind of damages, the chips are intakt, but the layer board (PCB) is broken and by this a data recovery is possible.

2.2 Typical symptoms for physical damages:
  • not recognized anymore
  • showing a crack at it´s case / housing
KUERT Belgium is offering its services for the following types:
*In case of specials types like SXS or Panasonic P2 please ask
Picture / XD
Memory Stick

MMC plus / MMC DV


MMC mobile

MMC mini / MMC Micro

Typ-I / Typ-II

CFast Typ I / Typ II



mini SD

micro SD

SDHC / SDHC plus




xD Typ-M / M+

xD Typ-H


MS / MS Pro




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