Data Recovery Hard Disc Drive

From damaged internal or external HDD

HDD damaged ? Hard Drive repair !

For data retrieval of broken or damaged hard disc drives in an clean room environment it is essential to know a reliable and professional partner at your side. KUERT will help and support you in all cases of data loss.

The causes, which can lead to a damaged internal or external drive and which do make it necessary to repair it, can be of different types of nature, for example: 


Partner of Seagate / Maxtor, Hitachi, Samsung, Western digital

Repairs for the following types of drive manufacturers: Seagate , Western Digital / WD, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba and many more.


Human errors, which can cause the need of hdd data retrieval:

  • Carlessness( Fall (e.g. external drives ), accidential deletion, Headcrash together with the effect, that the drive is not beeing recogniced anymore )
  • Inactivity ( e.g. Missing frequent consistency-checks of generated Backups ) - Creating Backups is already a good thing, the ones who do control them in a regular manner is on "the safe side of IT". Independent from all marketing slogans in the IT-Industry: Information Technology is not secure for any kind of failure. NEVER EVER rely on the functionality of your IT. Take care of data-duplicity.
  • Wrong behaviour in case of data loss - In principle: Inform yourself, then act. Once your disc drive is broken or facing a damage, the worst thing you can do is to switch it on again. This can lead to the point of an K.O to any further repairs, even if this attempt is carried out by a professional lab. If your drive is making a clicking / clacking or scratchy noise, be adviced not to connect your hdd again, neither to run any Do-it-Yourself activities.


Material Fatigue:

  • Working with outdated HDD - Internal drives in servers or RAID-Configurations should be exchanged regulary to avoid any potential risc of failure. KUERT Belgium recommends the yearly exchange of drives which do contain critical business data in Server- or RAID / NAS Configurations.
  • Ignoring SMART-Error-Messages - SMART-Error Messages are a useful tool to monitor damaged sectors or temperature fluctuation early enough.


Repair of broken HDD :

  • Shocking / Headcrash: A classic example is an external drive, which has been falling from an desk or a table and afterwards it generates only a clicking or clacking or in some cases just only a ticking noise. Usually thease kind of symptoms go along with a disc-recognition of the drive once it is connected to a PC or Notebook. In such sort of scenarios a repair of the hard disc drive is necessary. A mandatory aspect for any kind of repairs is to perform this always in a clean room environment. In a best case the clean room is a ISO class-100 one. 

The typical parts which need to be exchanged in an hdd are the head-kit (read/write head), inner and outer electronics or a platter change of the magnetic layers inside of the drive in case of damages to the spindle motor, which takes care that the magnetic discs are moving / turning.



Data Recovery of Solid-State Disc ( SSD drive ):

Also Solid-State Discs are beeing recovered by KUERT Belgium. Because of technological divergences at SSDs, compared with conventional Ferro-Magnetic HDDs, the repair of an SSD is much more expensive. The kind of damage and the working time, further the storage capacity of the media itself, does drive the overall cost to a range of 800,- upto 3000,- EUR. 

What to do if your hdd is facing a damage ?

  • Correct Reaction
  • Logical Damages:
  • Creating a backup first
  • Data Retrieval attemps based on the backup - By this you do avoid common mistakes like:
  • Physical Damages:
  • Keep calm, 1st information, 2nd - taking necessary action
  • Do not connect your hdd
  • In case of any circumstances: Ask a professional lab first
  • Wrong Reaction
  • Logical Damage:
  • Not to create a backup first
  • Never ever install any kind of softwares to the drive which you want to get recovered
  • Physical Damage:
  • Connecting and powering the hard disc in any way
  • Opening the drive in a non clean room environment
  • Any kind of data retrieval attempt with help of software to a malfunktioning hard disc drive


Take a look at our Special Offer - Fixed price repairs: 

Conditions beneath are valid for any kind of damages, an internal or external drive can face:

  • Damages to inner / outer electronics
  • Damages to the magnetic platters and the mechanical parts
  • Damages to the spindle motor
  • Bad sectors and firmware problems

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Hard disc drive repair

Can i repair my broken hard disc drive by myself ? This is a question which does get asked by many users, which do face the problem that they can´t access their data because of unaccessible devices. Quiet often users tend to forget, that a hard disc drive is not comparable with a personal computer, where you can exchange damaged components in a thoughless way. In opposite: The technology inside a hard disc drive is highly complex and sensitive. False and erroreous behaviour can reduce the chance of data recovery to zero.

Damaged Hard disc drive

A Hard disc drive / hdd can show different sorts of symptoms in case of damage. Thease do appear by a clicking, clacking noise or just in the plain fact that the hard disc drive is simply not accessible anymore and does not appear in the device manager or / and the BIOS of the computer. Accessing the data on a damaged hard disc drive is impossible in such kind of scenarios. A headcrash can affect an hdd anytime, caused by falling or shaking, of even by mechanical failure. Also mechanical "wearing" is a factor which does appear quit often and can hit all kind of mechanical components inside a hard disc drive.