Damages to hard disc drive - Signs and symptoms

A Hard Disc Drive can show different signs of damage or failure:

If your drive clicks or ticks or doesn´t start anymore so that you are unable accessin it - This can be an indication of a sevaral causes for disfunction:

1. Damage to Head-Kit Unit of the drive caused by electro statical discharges

2. General damage to Read- Write unit

3. Read Channel at PCB / PCB damage affects functionality

4. Damage VCM driver


There can be several reasons, in most of the cases thease physical damages are based on:

  • Headcrash - by hitting the surface of the platters
  • Falling damage (e.g. Falllen from table)
  • Mechanical wearing
  • Damaged sectors
  • Damaged due to overvoltage (e.g. using wrong power supply at 3.5" external disc)
  • Burning damage
  • Damage caused by water or humidity

The symptoms and damages listed above are very serious problems a hard drive can face. If you want to keep the best chance up for recovery please ensure not to try any kind of repairs by do-it-yourself how to´s.

Schematical view of an Hitachi 1.8" Micro-Drive:

Overview about components and parts inside an hdd

(c) Foto: Hitachi.


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