What is the difference between Data Recovery and Data Retrieval ?

Data Retrieval - Describes the reconstruction of data from logical damaged storage devices (e.g. caused by accidental formatting, deletion of files / folders or partitions ). Contrary to data recovery data retrieval needs 100% operating functionality of the device from where desired data needs to be recovered.

Data Recovery - Describes the recontruction of data from physically damaged drives in an clean room environment (e.g. caused by a headcrash to a hard disc drive or usually any kind of device which is not regognized in the BIOS anymore).

The description mentioned above are quite often mixed up by clients, IT-Administrators or even journalists. Data Recovery Software is offered or you can find services for data recovery which have much more in common with data retrieval, but more or less nothing with data recovery. Interested clients, who do like to get objective informations can find themselves in an jungle of informations, which consists of mixed up terms or which are simply wrong. In case of vendors for data recovery software, you will less informations about the fact that if the software is used to recovery a physical damaged drive, already existing damages can multiply and leave the device unrecoverable in a worst case, by the use of such a software.  In extremes, the loss of data can be such darmatic, that even the consultation of a professional data recovery lab can´t help in any way.  

The data recovery process with KUERT

KUERT Data Recovery is seperating its services in B2B and B2C. This enables us to support both groups of clients with attraktive prices for data recovery and data retrieval.

The data recovery service itself contains of two simple steps:

1. Step- Analysis

Before we are starting the data recovery of your storage device, we do create an analysis report for you. This report tells you about the exact damage of the device, the percentual chance of data recovery, the costs and answers the question if we are in need of an spare part to do the data recovery or not. There are three different types of analysis to choose from: 

a) Emergency- Service: 1-2 working days

b) Express-Service: 3 working days

c) Standard-Service: 6 working days

After you have received or report of analysis, you have to decide if you want to order the data recovery at KUERT.


2. Step- Data Recovery

In order to archive the best possible result, we are generating a sector based image (physical copy) of your storage device. After this, the logical reconstruction of damaged Sectors and Filesystems take place. The goal is to archive the best result, which will be presented to you in form of an filelist. The filelist is a preview of the data which can be recovered. After we have send the filelist to you, it´s your turn to proof it and to give feedback to us whether you are satisfied with the result or if you are still missing something.

Costs for Analysis and data recovery

You can find our detailed list for  costs of analysis & Data Recovery here.


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