Data Recovery of RAID and NAS Systems

The data recovery of RAID or NAS Systems demands exact knowledge to all different kinds of RAID-Levels and different sorts of file systems. Our services for Server Systems does not only focus on logical recovery, we are much more specialised on any kind of physical damage to any kind or hard disc(s) which are part of a failed array.

Raid / NAS retrieval and repair after data loss for Thecus, Netapp, Qnap, Netgear and other brands

KUERT is specialised to adress the different kind of needs of small- and midsized companies in Belgium and is offering a high grade of flexibility to adress even special kind of needs by our clients. We do recover any kind of NAS- or RAID-System from all different kinds of manufacturers like: Western Digital, Buffalo Technologies, Netgear, Nettapp, Synology, Seagate and many others.

Costs for data recovery of a RAID- or NAS-Systems at KUERT:

Before we do start with to recover the lost files, folders or partitions of your Raid or NAS system, we do analyse all the hard discs which have been part of the raid-array. The analysis is similar to an cost-offer. Included within the price for analysis is the pick up of the drives at any desired location in Belgium. Further informations regarding pricing and diagnosis can be found in our price table for Analysis Price table for analysis before starting the recovery process.

Costs for recovery and repair do depend from the following factors:

  • Amount of the hard disc drives which have been part of the Array
  • The complexity and the different kind of damage / defects which harmed the Array
  • Complexity of chosen RAID - Level and Array-Configuration

Smaller configurations, e.g. consisting of 2 x 1 TB drives within a RAID-0 Array, where at least one drive is facing a physical damage, can be recovered for a price which is slightly above 1.000 Euro. In case of simple logical damages, with no physical damages to the HDDs, the recovery can be realised vor a price range from min. 500,- EUR upto 900,- EUR incl. VAT.

Every attempt to data retrieval is based on sectorbased physical copies. We never ever do any kind of services based on the original drive(s).

Data-Loss in small and mid-sized companies and businesses

Dispite any kind of data-loss-prevention scenario and all activities surrounding it, a Server failure can happen anytime. There are different reasons this can cause a failed or degraded RAID. And even the fact that you do own such a system does not protect you from the fact that it can fail anytime.

Repairs and reconstruction performed at higher Levels is a discipline KUERT is strongly specialised in. With more than 20 years of experience and a specialised team of engineers grants our clients a high grade of satisfaction and confidence for best results in repair and retrieval of lost files, folders or volumes in array and NAS / SAN IT-environments. Combined with an attractive price and even fixed price raid recovery-service for smaller NAS-Systems, turns us to the number one choice in Belgium for smaller- and mid-sized companies which are facing a data loss problem.

Data loss in server environments:

In principle KUERT recovers any kind of data from all different kind of Servers and RAID-Constellations. Not only from very popular manufacturers like Hewlett-Packard, Dell or IBM, especially in case of less known manufacturers and brands. In case of recoveries in server environments it is also mandatory to have detailed knowledge regarding the different kind of controllers used in such sort of systems. Our experts do fullfill thease kind of demand to 100%.

Data reconstructions and repairs in NAS / SAN- Environments:

Quiet often data gets stored or archived in NAS- or SAN-Environments nowadays. Thease kind of scalable storage solutions range from RAID-0/1 solutions for single workplaces upto high-availability network-storage-systems, equipped with higher RAID-Levels like: 5 , 10 or RAID 50 or higher. The most popular manufacturers of such kind of solutions are: Buffalo Technologies, Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor, Lacie, Netapp, Verbatim, Netapp, Thecus, Netgear or Synology, EMC, Hitachi and many more.

In case of a corrupt or damaged system, please ensure that you don´t run a rebuild attempt on the RAID-System without making any backups before. Consult a professional recovery company first.

Reconstruction of complex Raid-Level in virtual environments- VMWare / VMFS & VMDK:

Even in case of more complex challenges, like reconstruction of VMFS ( Virtual Machine File System ), quiet often used at Shared-Storage (NAS/SAN), our experts can help you recovering lost VMDK.



If you perform a rebuild of your Array and it fails for any reason, the chance for a successful retrieval of data is getting more complex. This is based in the fact that in case of any rebuilt, which is performed on an array, the controller takes ownership and organized the RAID from scratch, so old data is getting overwritten. If this process gets interrupted, depending on the percentage, the chances for a successful result are limited. Not impossible, but limited.

A situative view recommends to retreat from any kind of data retrieval attempts to a failed RAID. Consult a professional recovery lab first. You will get tips and informations what to avoid and how to keep up the best chance for successful data retrieval to your broken raid array.

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