From repairs to data recovery of Smartphone / Mobile

Datenrettung bei Defekt an Smartphone / Handy

Where havn´t been too much devices in the past years who managed to be more close to a client than a

smartphone or mobile. It permanently guides us, regardless where we are and we do organize, document or communicate our digital life with it. Or to say it different: Digital communication. With others or just for us.

But item which are used within a daily routine do loose its value the more we do are using it. Even in case of high costs for a new device, it is loosing it´s glance from day to day, by this the way we are using it more and more respectless. This has an effect on how we are using thease devices: More and more careless. Possible that most of the smartphone users do agree with us in this point when we say, that nowadays most of us are usint there phones in a more careless way compared to the first days after we have bought them.

Within a year a smartphone can fall out of your hands a few times, can get small scratches or bumps, possible that the display glas has already been exchanged because of this. Smaller damages which do not belong into the category of data recovery.

Data Recovery of Smartphones and mobiles is starting, where all the low budget efforts in order to regain access to stored data does fail. Similar to the data recovery of hard disc drives we do seperate into:

Logical data retrieval from Smartphone

Logical data retrieval is necessary in every case of accitential or intentional deleted data like SMS, E-Mail or photos from the smartphone. Regardless if they have been deleted from the internal storage of the device or ( best-case scenario ) from an micro sd card inside of the device in case of android driven mobiles and smartphones ( Renders a data recovery much more cheaper and convieniant).

File Systems in Smartphones and mobile do work different from the filesystems most of the users experienced from their notebooks or PC. Once you deleted a file on your smartphone and you start to download an app in order to try to get it back, you start to reduce the chance of data recovery because of the fact, that you do install the app to the same storage form where you like to recover your lost data from. Furthermore, the apps itself usually do not fullfill what they are promising. In case of successful data recovery attempts you will need to have an 1:1 image in order to run a complete raw-scan to the full storage dump of the device. alische Defekte am Smartphone

Trockenen eines Smartphones nach Wassserschaden mit Reis

Independent if your smartphone has been falling into water, got an damage because of overvoltage, or your the screen of your smartphone is staying black after switched it on, the scenario of physical damages to an mobile can vary. From spectacular, like expoloded batteries, to trivial because of water damage. 

Data recovery of physical damages to a smartphone starts with the repair of the device, targeting to get the device into a status which allows us to generate a full dump. The goal is to retrieve the data, it is not the goal to repair the device in a way that the customer can use it again. Possible that you will get a working device once we have recovered the data from it, but we do recommend not to use thease devices for a longer time, neither to store any kind of important data on them.

What kind of devices can be recovered in case of logical or physical damage ?

The procedure of data recovery orientates itself on the damage the Smartphone or mobile is showing and on the necessary investments of working time in order to recover the data or to repair the device. Data Recovery of mobiles is a complex process. A wide range of different type of manufacturers and modells, different sorts of hardware encryption makes this a complex scenario. Especially in case of iPhone data recovery.

Device Overview based on recoverability: 

Alcatel, Haier, HTC (Desire / One, etc.), Huawai, LG (C/E/F/LS/P/RD Series), Motorola W-Serie, Nokia Lumia 610 / 615, Samsung A-I Series M / P / S-Series, Sony Ericsson SE-Series, ZTE. 

At all devices listed above, it is necessary to disassemble every device to archive a full dump of the NAND-Flash. In case of some product lines we have to solder the NAND from the PCB, rendering the funktionality of the device to useless. This will have the consequence that you will use your warranty once your device is still in warranty by the manufacturer.

Costs for analysis of smartphone / mobile:

Time for analysis ca. 6 Days: 108,- EUR (incl. VAT.)

Range of costs for data recovery:

Logical damages: ca. 150,- upto 400,- EUR (incl. VAT.)

Physical damages: ca. 300,- upto 750,- EUR (incl. VAT.)


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