Data Recovery and retrieval of damaged USB Stick / Pen Drive

Data Recovery of broken or damaged USB Stick and PEN DriveModern and tiny USB Sticks or PEN Drives are really comfortable to exchange data.

But what happens if your USB Stick does not show any functionality, got damaged or is simply not recognized ? We can help you to recover your lost data in such sort of incidences, regardless if the cause for failure is based on logical or physical damage. In case of physical damages, the most common scenaries for damages do look like this: 

  • Not recognized anymore and Windows wants you to format the stick
  • Stick or PEN Drive is defect and shows visible damages

The worst case scenario of damages to PEN Drives are all kind of damages to the PCB of the stick. As long as the NAND-Flash Chips of the Stick is intact and undamaged, the experts of KUERT Data Recovery Belgium do extract the Flash-Chip from the PCB and generate a special dump in order to recover the data within a special processing. Based on the damage, there are different sorts of procedures in order to retrieve the data. In some cases we do necessary repairs to the drive, directly on the PCB.

As the costs for data recovery are depending from the procedure and are directly connected to the damage and the technological layout, by this it is not possible to offer the data recovery service of Sticks for a fixed price.

Before we start to recover your data, we will generate an report of analysis for your. Giving you exact information about: 

  • The kind of damage the USB-Stick has
  • The percentage of chance of recovery
  • The exact costs of service


Prices for analysis (incl. VAT.) - USB Stick and PEN Drive Recovery:



( 1-2 Working Days)


( 3 Working Days)


( 6 Working Days)

USB Stick / PEN Drive 72,- EUR* 48,- EUR* 24,- EUR*

Price for analysis will only be charged once the data carrier is not recoverable or if there is a chance for recovery, but the recovery doesn´t get ordered by the client.


Price Range:

The price range for data recoveries and repairs of Pen Drives is inbetween 100,- to 500,- EUR (incl. VAT), depending from damage and storage capacity. In case of USB Sticks which are manufactured with use of Monolith-Technology, the costs for data recovery can be much higher, because the whole process for repair is much more complicated. The barrier of costs is at a max. of 1.500,- EUR (incl. VAT).  If your Pen drive is a thumb drive or very tiny and small, it is probably realistic that it contains monolith technology.

Monolith-Technology in USB-Sticks:

Monolith Technology has taken place in a lot of different Flash devices, like mini-stick or thumb-sticks. Monolith-Technology integrates all kind of components necessary for the functionality in a single monolith-block. Compared to conventional NAND-Flash Technology, where Controller and NAND-Flash-Storage Chip are organized seperately from each other. This makes it much more harder and time consuming to recover data from storage devices which do use monolith technology, because controller and NAND are integrated in a single chip.

Another aspect of monolith technology is that there is no documentation from manufacturers, because as part of the production process thease cards are produced by third parties. Even within a single prodcts line we find different sorts of components and layers used in flash devices. That renders it very complicated, but not impossible.

Nearly impossible to recover are controller damages of SAN-Disk Flash-Products who do show a damaged micro-controller.

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