Data Recovery of E-Mail postboxes

E-Mail Datenrettung

The Data Recovery of E-Mail Postboxes correspondes directly with the grade of damage a storage device is showing. Not only physical damages, also logical failure, inconsistancies or defective sectors can lead to the point that an e-mail postbox can not be accessed or that E-mails are missing, broken or incomplete.

There are many kind of different E-Mail Postboxes on the market and sometimes it is a matter of a single setting, if E-Mails are left as a copy on the server or are getting deleted from the server, after they have been transfered to the client. Especially the retrieval of Microsoft Exchange Server Postboxes in Business Networks are in an close focus of our operations.

KUERT recovers data from the following E-Mail Postboxes:

  • Outlook PST / Outlook-Express / Windows Live Mail / Outlook
  • Microsoft Exchange EDB
  • Eudora
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Incredimail and many other E-mail clients and Server

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Questions to data recvoery ?
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