Data Recovery of SD Flash Card

from 100,- € (incl. VAT.)

Data Recovery of SD Flash Card

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Data Recovery of Flash Cards

Data Recovery of lost holiday pictures, photos, videosAnother department of Data Recovery Belgium is the recovery of SD / Flash Cards.

Digital Photos and informations are part of our daily life. Regardless if we do create them in private or as part as our professional work. Digital Cameras, Mobiles or Smartphones and all other kind of digital imaging products are tools. Tools we are all using every day.

The bad part of tools, which are used every day, is the fact that we behaviour and the way we are using it is changing overtime. Think about your smartphone and remeber the first days after you bought it and think about the way you are using it today. Once you discover differencies, you will exactly understand what we do try to point out.

So, a digital tool like a smartphone or a camera which does guide you most of the time will be treated in a much more "robust" way over time. The consequence of this is a higher risk of potential physical damages such a device can face. Bumped or folded flash cards or the inability to access the data stored on the flash card can happen every time.

Data Recovery Belgium helps you to get back lost data stored on flash cards. In hard cases we do extract the storage chips (NAND) from the card and recover your data directly from thease NAND-Flash-Chips.

Prices for analysis of Flash Card and USB-Stick incl. VAT:



( 1-2 Working Days)


( 3 Working Days)


( 6 Working Days)

Speicherkarte / USB-Sticks € 72,- € 48,- € 24,-

Analysis on Flash Card includes:

  • Exact analysis of the damage
  • Exact price for data recovery ( Price offer )
  • A preview of files and pictures of the recoverable data

The data recovery itself is ordered by our client, based after receivement of our analysis report, in a separate 2nd step.

Datenrettung für SpeicherkartenPrice range for the recovery of flash cards :

Logical damages: from 100,- € upto 200,- € (incl. VAT.)

Logical damages describe scenarios like accidental formatted cards and all kind of damages which do harm the file system and data integrity of the flash card, but not its core funktionality. Recovering a logical defect or damage insists a 100 % working technological functionality of the card itself.

Physical damages: from 150,- € upto 500 € (incl. VAT.)

Physical damages do limit the technological functionality of the flash card. Thease kind of damages can be caused by incorrect handling of the card or caused by overvoltages and power-shortages. The typical scenario for this kind of damages ( which does appear more often than you might think ) is a damaged micro-controller inside of the flash card. This tiny chip is an elementary part of every flash card, because it controlls in what kind of way the data is organized, stored and hardware encrypted.

But there is one exeption then it comes to Micro-Controller-Technology. This exeption is based on all kind of flash cards which do us Monolith-Technology. Monolith-Technology is really hard to recover and insists a high amount of working time. As a consequence the costs for recovering a Monolith based Flash Card can be much more higher than the given price range about. The overall price for recovering such a card is somewhere at 800,- EUR (incl. VAT.). But of course it is directly corresponding with the max. capacity the card itself is showing. The higher the capacity is, the higher the effort and the need of additional working time ist. Our analysis will give you a detailed insight and exact price offer, even in case of Monolith-Technology.

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