Best practise - Packaging and shipping of your data recovery case:

1. Hard Disc Drive

To prevent your hard disc drive from electro-statical charging, you should pack your drive in an  anti static back, if possible:

Anti-Static-bag Anti-Static Bag Seashell - small plastic enclosure


For optimized packaging you can use a package with 1cm foam as an security inlay:

Preparing hard disc drive - optimised packaging

Also a usual box and packaging material for shipping can be used, but it is important to take care that the hard disc drive is unable to move in any direction of the box. Further you should take care that the hard disc it positioned in the middle of the box and that it is surrounded by material for packaging in a most secure way in order to avoid potential damages from bumps during the process of shipping. 


2. Flash Card / USB-Stick

In case of flash card or usb stick / pen drive it is recommended to place them inbetween two pieces of cartonage for stabilisation and place this into a padded envelope with air cushions. Under all circumstances try to avoid sending it in an normal envelope, as tiny parts like a micro sd-card get pushed to the border of the paper envelope and fall out of it during the process of shipping.

Place your USB Stick or Pen-Drive inbetween two peaces of cartonage Place USB-Stick / Flash card in an padded envelope with air cushions

3. Tapes

same as the sending of hard disc drives at point 1.

4. CD/DVD/ Blu-Ray Disc

In case of CD / DVD or Blu-Ray Disc we do recommend to place them into a standard Jewel-case and send it with the use of an padded envelopt with air cushings (same procedure like point 2). In this case we do also recommend to place the jewel case inbetween two sheets of cartonage for better stabilisation.

Special case - Damages to storage carriers caused by water or humidity:

In all cases of data carriers which got in contact with water or humidity, it is recommended to send them in an vacuum bag. This is essential in order to avoid potential corrosion and in some cases necessary to analyse chemical parts of the water. For example in all cases of contact with fire water.


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