KUERT Datenrettung bei n-TV Ratgeber HighTech

KUERT Laboratory at n-tv advisor HighTech

German TV-Station n-TV about our daily works in data reconstruction and the repair of damaged and broken hard disc drives.

Find out more on data retrieval and repair of damaged hard disc drives:

  • What makes hard discs that kind of sensible to shock and surface damages
  • Result of an headcrash to the data stored on an hdd
  • Insights to repairs and reconstructions in clean room environment
  • Repair in case of damaged and broken hard disc drives

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KUERT Data Recovery presents a software specialised on MP3 Data Recovery. The software is designed and equiped with special algorithms in order to bring you best results in recovery, search and rescue of accidently deleted MP3 files. A remarkable functionality of the programm is the ability of playing already recognized MP3 while the data recovery and data retrieval process is still running. 


The software has been programmed and developed with the focus of highest scan rates in recognizing and scanning files.

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KUERT MP3 Recovery - MP3 Data Recovery software

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KUERT MP3 Recovery

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