Data Recovery Hard Disc Drive

From damaged internal or external HDD

HDD damaged ? Hard Drive repair !

Data Recovery process - Sequence of events

1. Request or consultation by phone

Our staff will advise you as part of an initial assessment of your data recovery, - or event of damage


2. Choice of service level

As you can see in our price list for analysis, we do offer our clients different sort of service levels (like cost free analysis of hard disc drives within 6 working days). Depending how quick you are in need of an analysis for data recovery, you can choose from different service levels suiting your personal demands as good as possible.


3. Pick up / Sent in of your data recovery case

Based on the service level you have chosen, the hard disc drive or raid / nas system is beeing picked up cast free at your onsite location. As an alternative you can send us your data carrier at your costs directly to us or to one of our partners (e.g. in case of cost free analysis for hdd).


4. Diagnosis and analysis of data carrier in clean room lab.

In case of physical damages which have affected the data carrier, the storage device will be analysed in one of our clean room laboratories by our engineers and a diagnosis or report of analysis will be generated and transfered to you. With the report you will also get an offer from us telling your about the chance for data recovery, if additional costs for the use of spare parts may appear or not and giving you an exact price for data recovery. 


5. Data Recovery order

Based on our analysis report you will order the data recovery in a second step. In case of physical damages, usually a spare part is needed in order to continue the data recovery process. So once you give us the order to recover your data and spare parts are needed - At that very moment you decide about the cost of spare parts. After accomplishing a sector based copy of your broken data carrier, we do start with the logical recovery of the original file system.

For you as a client it is important to know that while the process of data recovery is running you will get informed about the costs anytime, giving you transparency to all aspects of costs. No cost will appear without asking you about permission.


6. File List

When we are finished with generating a pysical copy and the logical reconstruction we do send you a file list, giving you a preview of the later result. This list needs to be checked by you and it gives you an comfortable preview about which data can be recovered, which files are damaged or not recoverable. At this point it is up to you deciding if you want to take the data recovery or if you are missing special files or folders.


7. Sending back original and target drive containing the data recovered

Depending on the capacity of recovered data, we do send you the recovered data by the help of an usb stick or stored on an encrypted external usb hard disc drive. Target drives can be bought from us or can also be sent to us while the process of recovery is still running.

Questions to Data Recovery ?
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Questions to data recvoery ?
0032 11 360 266‏