Data Recovery RAID 0 for Server and NAS

999,- € (excl. VAT.)

Only for Business: Data Recovery of RAID-0 Server Systems

Mehr Infos Anmelden Preise Data Recovery Raid and NAS

We do offer businesses, corporates and institutions the data recvoery service of RAID-0 based systems for a fixed price of 999,- EUR* (excl. VAT.). The costs for analysis are at 198,- EUR for standard analysis within 6 working days. Once the data recovery gets ordered, the cost for analysis will not be charged or only get charged once the data recovery should not be possible.

Services integrated in the price for data recovery:

  • Valid for business clients
  • On-Site-Express Pickup included
  • Standard-Analysis / 6 working days
  • Data Recovery Service is performed in our own laboratory / Clean Romm Class-100
  • Spare Parts are not included in the price / Our Analysis Report will tell you if spares are needed
  • Target Drive is not included in the price, can be supplied by the customer or be bought from KUERT as a seperate option
  • Included: Exact File-List which gives a preview on to the recovered data
  • Solid-State Discs can not take part at this offer. Please ask our support for a separate offer.
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Questions to data recvoery ?
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