Data Recovery of SSD / Solid State Disk

Solid-State Discs are very popular because they are fast, performant and because of the fact that they do not contain an moving or mechanical parts they do offer a higher grade of stability to the user. But, as always, even SSDs can take a serious damage, causing the need for a professional data recovery service.

Price for Analysis - Solid-State-Drive:



( 3 Working Days)


( 6 Working Days)

Solid State Please ask EUR 107,- * Order

*All prices mentioned include VAT.

Repair of damaged SSD / Solid State

Cost for repair, retrieval and recovery:

The costs for the recovery or repair are based on the capacity of the SSD and the effort of working time which is necessary to recover the data.

The analysis of each drive is shown in an offer or proposal which is mandatory to KUERT regarding the information on the exact costs.

Physical damages: min. 800,- € upto max. 1.800 € inkl. VAT.

Logical damages: min. 300,- upto 600,- € inkl. VAT.

The typical scenarios of a broken Solid State Drive are visible in a way that usually a broken device is all over sudden not recognized by your PC or Notebook anymore. A damaged Micro-Controller inside of the state drive can be responsible for that kind of damage. If the drive is not beeing recognized by the bios anymore and damaged, every own attempt to recover the data is, in such a case, a waste of time. In modern drives the NAND-Flash Chips inside of the drive do carry the data. And every data which resists inside of a NAND-Flash Chip is encrypted, some with a lower grade, some with a higher grade of encryption, depending on the model and the controller used inside of the drive itself. It will take knowledge, special tools and hardware to recover any kind of data stored in such drives which are damaged in that kind of way.

There are two different kind of categories of Micro-Controllers:

Controller with lower hardware-encryption:

In this case the controller of the disc stores data with a lower grade of encryption. Our engineers extracts the NAND-Flash Chips from the Solid-State Disc and an physical image or dump of each Chip will be generated. Hereafter the damaged micro-controller gets emulated to gain access to the data area again. Thease kind of controllers produced by manufacturers like JMicron, Samsung, Intel and many more. They are used in different types of state drive models from different kind of manufacturers like Toshiba, Samsung, Kingston , Intel or AData, Corsair, Verbatim, etc.

Controller with higher grade of Hardware-Encryption:

Thease kind of actually not recoverable Chipsets are manufactured by Sandforce. Controller like Sandforce-Series 12xx , 15xx or 22xx are not recoverable in any way. You will find thease kind of controllers / chipsets in almost every OCZ Model like Vertex 2 / 3, OCZ Agility Series and some solid state drives by Corsair.

Controller with Hardware Encryption do encrypt data in real time while each bit is written into the NAND-Flash Area of the drive. In case of Sandforce Controller this is realised in a dual mode with two different types of channels, each one of them is using a different type of encryption algorithm: AES-128 and AES 256. In case of nearly every Sandforce Controller the key, which is necessary to decrypt the data, is unique. In other words: Every model is using a different key and since today, there is no technological way to recover anything once the Controller is damaged in any way. Also in case of firmware-problems or firmware updates to such kind of controllers: Once the old data is getting overwritten or a new structure is assigned, there is no possibility to recover the lost data. 

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